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Yavapai Food Council is adopting a neighbor-to-neighbor system that makes it easy and fun for people to either donate and/or collect food.

Green Bag with food in itThe model has been under development for several years in Southern Oregon, and now it has spread to over two dozen communities across the US.

The results have been incredible. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of food are being donated, and participants are getting to know their neighbors and strengthening their communities.

How do you get started? Fill out the signup form at the bottom of this page.

If you sign up as a Neighborhood Food Donor, we will connect you with a Neighborhood Coordinator in your area who will drop off a Yavapai Food Neighbor green bag. Your coordinator will give you the next pickup date and be there to answer your questions and offer reminders before the collection event.

Once your registered as a Neighborhood Food DonorGO SHOPPING! You’re going to the grocery store anyway. All you have to do is pick up a few extra items each trip to the store and fill up your green bag.

Remember, shopping for your hungry neighbors doesn’t have to be an expensive habit. Looking for the best deals on the nutritious food is a really smart and rewarding activity.

Besides developing community, you will be providing food to emergency food resources throughout the year.  We appreciate the holiday food collections and food drives that pop up here and there throughout the year. But the fact is that emergency food agencies distribute all that food in a very short period of time. Your support of the Yavapai Food Neighbors Project helps ensure food is still available when times are tough.

On the pickup day, your Neighborhood Coordinator will come by, pick up your bag, and leave you a bag for the next pickup.

It’s that easy!


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